Minerals and Metallurgy

Minerals and Metallurgy

Are you looking for reliable source of steel, iron ore, aluminium, copper, titanium or metal scrap? Global Trading Business GTB is your one stop shop for the right connection and source. These elements have been used for the manufacturing of cars, computers, building materials and packaging due to their properties that include malleability, strength , longevity and conductivity. Steel for example is a much appreciated building material all over the world, and is used in a vast array of different types of buildings; from huge sport arenas to homes and garages. We can supply top quality metallic element / product in high quantities depending on your need. Our usual minimum 12,500 MT applies. Please email us info@globaltradingbusiness.com for current prices.

To Metal suppliers

If you are a supplier of steel, iron ore, copper, aluminium or metallic scrap with a good reputation and trackable records of performance, please send us email to info@globaltradingbusiness.com for partnership. If you are a broker, please do not contact us as a supplier.

To Buyers

We look forward to being your minerals and metallurgy supplier. Why not use our quote from to get a great deal.

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Minerals and Metallurgy