Portland Cement

Portland Cement

Portland Cement is a renowned type of cement used in most parts of the world today, and is used for producing  materials such as concrete, mortar and grout. It is produced by the process of clinker grinding with limited calcium, sulfate and other constituents. Global Trading Business GTB understands that a well laid concrete has much dependency on its content, in terms of quality and quantity. Cement is surely the most active part of any concrete- individual moulds and other inferior brands have made the market for cement to have a broad range; where some are good others, are not so good. Portland Cement is not only a trusted brand because of popularity, but for its high yield, and extreme level of industry standard conformity and quality assurance.

Wholesale supply of ordinary Portland Cement from trusted Portland Cement suppliers:

Recent statistics show that the demand for cement globally will skyrocket up to 5.6% on increase scale which works out at about 3.6 billion tons by 2012. The value of this will exceed more than $220 billion. GTB is up to the task, no matter how large quantity you may require we are able to supply you with quality ordinary grey Portland Cement which will come directly from our trusted Portland Cement manufacturers. Our prices are very competitive eliminating any broker inline commission- being able to offer our customers such an advantage is what keeps us ahead of others. Our minimum order on Portland Cement is 12,500MT, but if you have any special needs in varying amounts you can still contact us to see how we can help you. We don’t do business with brokers, we only deal with principal buyers and authorised mandates.

GTB has different mills/ mandates and end sellers in our partnership, thus we are able to provide Portland Cement from different manufacturers from different origins such as: Germany, Spain, India, Egypt, Brazil, Ukraine and Russia.

There are a number of grades in Portland Cement :

  • OPC 32.5
  • OPC 42.5
  • OPC 52.5

Supply Ability: 4,000,000+ MT per year

Price: from $60 USD / MT FOB Antalya or Mersin (Mediterranean Sea), CIF

price to be determined upon receiving valid and detailed LOI packaging: bulk,

50kg sling bag and 1.5 MT big bag

We offer quality ordinary Portland Cement at competitive prices. Please understand that it would not be feasible for our suppliers to provide samples, since samples may not be exactly the same as those shipped in the future due to differences in regions and factories. To request for quote on Portland Cement please click here now.

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