White sugar

White sugar

Global Trading Business GTB is a global supplier of Brazillian refined sugar. We can connect you to the very source of ICUMSA 45, ICUMSA 100, ICUMSA 150, VHP sugar. Sugar is a part of people’s daily consumption around the world,  and in extremely high demand. ICUMSA45 separates itself from other classes of sugar for its sparkling white colour, purity and rigorous process of bacteria removal during refinery. We continue to offer the supply of sugar at very competitive and realistic prices, possibly lower than you will find in any other place that offer genuine and reliable products on sugar. This is due to our direct wholesale supply from the factory.

More on ICUMSA

ICUMSA is an acronym for the International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis. They are the industry regulatory body that set standard for sugar production based on the properties of a well refined sugar from the point of view of its whiteness which also determines how well it was refined. ICUMSA 45 is a highly refined form of sugar made from sugar cane or sugar beet. GTB is a global supplier of ICUMSA 45, we can provide you with small and large quantities of quality sugar.

GTB supply high quality sugar from Brazil and other countries, Our range include the following. We have a minimum order on sugar supply which is 2000 MT.

  • ICUMSA 45
  • ICUMSA 100
  • ICIMSA 150
  • VHP Sugar

Please contact us today for current prices on sugar supply, We will respond to genuine enquiries only. You can use our quote form by clicking here or just send us a well constructed message to info@globaltradingbusiness.com

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White Sugar